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Benefits for Members, Club and Community!

We are incredibly lucky to be able to present opportunities to our membership that benefit members, club and community.  These opportunities often present themselves thanks to the engagement of our members with partners in the community.  We have found that Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club has gained a reputation for providing quality teams, committed to meeting the outcomes of the events.

What are the benefits?

  • Funds!  Yes, "funds" are critically important ~ while our club is a not for profit charitable organisation,  we are also a medium size business with overheads to cover! These revenue streams are vital in the management of overhead expenditure!

  • Fundraising for Members - we appreciate that while we are a volunteer based organisation, we are also a user pays organisation.  Providing these opportunities to our membership is a way to  assist remove what can be a barrier to participate in the Surf Life Saving community - across all areas of our club. 

  • Skills - the chance for members to grow your skill base

  • Team Building - getting to know your clubmates

  • FUN ... a promise of some good fun along the way

Some opportunities come with criteria, or are targeted for a specific purpose/event, BUT, we are always looking to ensure we are capturing this revenue stream for "our" people.  If you foresee an opportunity don't hesitate to shunt it towards the office to follow up!

Here's whats happening at the mo....

We are very privileged to have a Club Captain of Shaun Smith's caliber.  His knowledge and experience are a huge asset.  Event Guarding is primarily about Water Safety.  And, while it continues to be a fantastic fundraiser for our members and club, we must always ensure we are able to fulfill the primary objectives when assigning clubbies. To this end placements and positions available for Event Guarding are filled at the discretion of the coordinator. 

Our partnerships in the community continue to grow!  We are providing a professional, polished and "peppy" service, and this has resulted in more opportunities.  (These ones are definitely "fun-raising"!) ... Linda Castle is currently co-ordinating teams of people for Bar Work.




2018/19 PAP PEEPS POURING CREW .... we need you to register your interest in participating to meet the needs of our facilitators and partners.  It's easy click now and it is done...

Remember, each event will still be managed individually, and due to the demand to be part of this awesome group, we will be using a 'buddy' system to introduce new (learning the ropes members).  There may also be some criteria to ensure fair allocation and reward!  

Information and detail for these will become available via our membership Facebook pages...

  • Cricket x5       

  • Bay Dreams – Day One                               

  • Bay Dreams - Day Two                                                

  • One Love – Day One                                   

  • One Love – Day Two                                     

.... SOMETHING SPECIAL .... yet to be confirmed "Summer Disco" & "Toto"




We always encourage our membership to consider all there club commitments prior to registration: Patrol, Events, Competitions etc.



Event Guarding ...
Social Enterprise ...


We love the team at Mount Brewing Co.

This is Community Connection that counts!

Click the image to check out what else they are up to...


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